Dedicated Drawing Club


The Dedicated Drawing Club book catalogues 48 drawings created by Nicola Tibbetts and Toni Latour. 2014. Available at: Dedicated Drawing Club

 Vancouver Biennale 2009-2011

Toni Latour, Homage to Parenthood, page 68
Published by: Vancouver International Open Spaces Sculpture Biennale & Vancouver International Sculpture Biennale
Welcome by: Barrie Mowatt
Available at: Vancouver Biennale

I:Dent Constructing and Deconstructing Personal and Social Identities


Artists: Toni Latour, Derek Dunlop, William Eakin, Jeremiah Birnbaum, Kristina Lee Podesva

Curated by Sophie Brodovitch
Introduction by Darrin Martens
Text by Sophie Brodovitch and J.J. Kegan McFadden
Burnaby Art Gallery, 2009
ISBN 978-0-9809962-1-0
Available at: ABC Art Books

Birds: A City, Some Rain









Perched exhibition catalogue with text by Stuart Ross

Introduction by Lorna Brown
Artspeak, Vancouver, 2004
ISBN 0-921394-47-0
Available at: Artspeak

 The Language Hotel

Exhibition Catalogue resulting from group residency
Curated by Sheila Butler and Louise W. May
Artists: Toni Latour, Sheila Butler, Olexander Wlasenko, Kalsang Dawa, Paola Poletto, Arlene Stamp, Maymee Ying Lum, Denis Lessard, Sue-Ellen Gerritsen & Greg A. Hill, Marie Bouchard
Essay on Latour’s work by James Patten
snacpress, St. Norbert, Manitoba, 2000
Available at: St. Norbert’s Arts and Cultural Centre

The Capilano Review

Caplino Review 

The Capilano College Issue
Winter and Summer 2007
Series 3, No. 1/2
ISSN 03 15 3754
Available at: The Capilano Review

Paper Wait



aceartinc. publication, Winnipeg, MB
Vol 7 2004/2005
ISBN 1497-8776
“Art+Text” artist project by Toni Latour entitled Andy and Andy
Available at: aceartinc

“Celebrating the 2004-2005 programming year, PaperWait Vol. 7 includes artist’s pages with works that relate to the theme, Art+Text. The work of four artists (Toni Latour, Paul Butler, KC Adams, Graham Dolphin) was selected from almost a hundred submissions. These works incorporate a variety of ideas such as the fetishising of mass culture, the commodity of art and the reclamation of the art object, counter-consumerism, obsession of the artist, racial stereotyping, humour and anxieties of art making.” – Theo Sims, Editor

Paper Wait


aceartinc. publication, Winnipeg, MB
2007 – 2009, Vol 10+11
ISBN 1497-8776
“Artist Pages” Since 1975, 2007
Available at: aceartinc

Toni Latour DVD Compilation 1999-2005

Includes: Running, 2004, 2:38, Swimming, 2004, 1:59, Office Work, 2005, 3:51, Queers on the Move, 2003, 6:00, Dog Eat Dog World, 2000, 0:58, Robin Red Breast, 2000, 2:10, No Such Animal, 2003, 14:40, New Animal Work, 2003, 3:20, You Can Do It, 1999, 10:00, Suggestions, 2000, 2:20, Smile, 2003, 7:05, for the camera, 2003, 2:35, Still To Do List, 2000, 8:37, One Bag, Two Bags, Three Bags, Four, 1999, 4:10

Available from: Toni Latour

J’oie de Vivre









ASPECT: The Chronicle of New Media Art, Volume 5, 2005
Artists: Toni Latour, Harvey Loves Harvey, David Lachman, Liz Nofziger, Lee Walton
Includes: Robin Red Breast, 2000, 2:10, Smile, 2003, 7:05
Available at: ASPECT
$25 USD








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